Kim (kimsmith) wrote,

Open Late

which BAND are you? find

I love Dashboard. And, come to think of it, I love Goodwill as well. You know what? I love the whole damn world right now. Don't wonder why, it's unhealthy and it might hurt your brain, unless you already know why I'm happy, in which case...never mind, I'm rambling again. That usually happens when I get started on that subject.

People need to be online. Not just any people, certain people. Certain people are never online when I want them to be. Maybe that's just my curse. Of course, it could be that it's 3 AM in Texas and everyone in their right mind is asleep, which actually says a lot about me. What's the time difference between here and California again? I always forget.

I think I'm going to make Meg help me paint some room or another tomorrow. That, or I'll make her buy me alcohol to stock up my wet bar. ;D

I think I need some notes. Come on, you know you wanna give me some love.

I made myself some new icons, but since I'm too cheap to buy myself a paid account, I'll post them

- the one and only icon i have with my name on it. i jacked this idea from megan_ewing because i'm in love with her blinky tatoo icon.

- the singing/screaming rockstar icon. i admit, i'm a wannabe, but it's fun to go karaokeing with people. THAT you can't deny.

- personally, i think i look like a duck, but it's a favorite for a lot of my friends, so i decided to humor them.

- i made this one especially for when people are mean to me and i want to make them feel bad.

- i have no idea why i made an icon out of this. oh well.

- it matches my AIM icon!

- can i plead the fifth?
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